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EGS Security Solutions


Help protect your property by having a well-trained security service when minutes count the most.

Security Guard
Image by Oxa Roxa

At EGS, we understand the importance of providing high-quality services to our clients, which is why we put much effort into ensuring that our team members are highly trained. With years of experience in various fields, they can provide efficient and effective solutions for our customers. Moreover, we offer competitive pricing for our clients so we can build a long-lasting relationships.
Currently Serving Northern Virginia


Eagle Global Services LLC was founded in 2023 to provide the highest quality of services possible in multiple industries; with over forty years of experience among its leaders in the Military, Law Enforcement, Security, and Logistics, we bring an array of skills and knowledge under one roof to provide services for all companies looking for an organization with Integrity and hard-working team members dedicated to accomplishing the mission of our clients.

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